Generations of power

EVEREADY® has a rich history of power and lighting solutions.


Our approach to corporate responsibility all boils down to one simple thought: “Do the right thing.” And we have developed a three-part approach to help bring it about.

First is a focus on reducing the impact our company and products have on the environment. Through various efforts including product development, packaging, recycling and outreach programs, we are careful to make choices that ensure the availability of natural resources for generations to come.

The second part reflects the fact that we care about society. So we focus on making a positive impact on our local communities, including providing safer work environments for our colleagues and participating in various partnerships, colleague-led grassroots programs and volunteer efforts globally.

Third, but equally as important, is our commitment to our shareholders. All of our efforts on behalf of the environment and our communities are also designed to complement and support the overall financial health


From more responsible product development to packaging and recycling efforts to various outreach and grassroots programs, we have never been afraid to lead the way.


We put a strong emphasis on innovation and emerging technologies in all aspects of our business – and recycling efforts are no exception.